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Health And Wellness Benefits of Having a Girlfriend

Monday, July 28th, 2014

I thought I’d focus on a unique topic today that many of you guys can relate to. A lot of this stuff applies the other way around to girls as well…maybe not the reduced stress part, but you get the idea.

Having a girlfriend or significant other is actually quite beneficial to your health in several different ways, and we are going to cover a few reason why in this article.

If you don’t have a girlfriend, don’t worry. It’s not difficult to obtain a girlfriend with the right mindset and approach. If you are interested in that topic I highly recommend that you go read a few dating articles over on Men’s Health.

Anyway, on to the meat of the article.

3 Ways That Girlfriends Benefit Your Wellness


Having a girlfriend can bring about feeling of posivitiy in your life. Not only does this boost your confidence around other people, it can also help you feel more in control of your life and the things going on around you.

We all know how it feels when your life seems out of control. The amount of stress that type of situation can bring on can be quite detrimental to your health.

Reduced Stress

Speaking of stress, having a girlfriend can also reduce stress levels. Who would have thought, right guys? Contrary to popular belief, having a partner in your life who you can trust and confide in is actually GOOD for you. We hear so much about high divorce rates and other relationship issues that it’s hard to push that stuff out of your mind when you think about dating someone. Always remember that your relationship with another person is a good as you want it to be. It takes work and focused dedication.


Having someone you can rely on to get you through difficult times is an awesome asset to have. If you’re having trouble at work or running into issues with a friend, it’s always beneficial to have a significant other who you can talk to and work through things with.

All three of these items play off of each other. If you are less stressed, you also tend to feel more secure and positive. Same goes for other combinations.

Don’t always go for the first person that’s open to dating you. Be selective, and dedicate yourself to someone who is ready to dedicate themselves to you.

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